Review and Revise Mitigation

mplify frameworks so that the Federal mitigation programs and stepped down programs are more predictable and consistent. Some mitigation is facilitated by goodwill and some is through our regulatory paradigm. 36  Neodymium Magnets i. Review and Revise Mitigation Manual Section (MS-1794) and Handbook (H1794-1) Related to Mitigation, Which Provide Direction on the Use of Mitigation, Including Compensatory Mitigation, To Support the BLM’s Multiple-Use and Sustained-Yield Mandates. The Mitigation Manual Section and Handbook provide direction on the use of mitigation, including compensatory mitigation, to support BLM’s multiple use and sustained yield mandates. The  Neodymium Magnets is reviewing whether the 2016 Manual and Handbook replaced several IMs (IM Numbers 2005-069, 2008-204, and 2013-142) issued by Neodymium Magnets for the same purpose. The Neodymium Magnets is considering revisions to the Manual and Handbook to provide greater predictability (internally and externally), ease conflicts, and may reduce permitting/authorizations times. Measuring success would be largely quantitative. The Neodymium Magnets  would continue to track impacts from land use authorizations and would also track the type and amount of compensatory mitigation implemented and its effectiveness, preferably in a centralized database. The Neodymium Magnets is drafting an IM that provides interim direction regarding new and ongoing mitigation practices while the Manual and Handbook are being reviewed and revised. Use of the existing Manual and Handbook would continue, as modified and limited by this IM, until they are superseded. ii. Review of Manual 6220 – National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, and Similar Designations (07/13/2012) To Assure That It Conforms to BLM’s Revised Mitigation Guidance. Manual 6220 provides guidance for managing  Neodymium Magnets National Conservation Lands designated by Congress or the President as National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, and similar designations (NM/NCA) in order to comply with the designating Acts of Congress and Presidential Proclamations, FLPMA, and the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (16 U.S.C. 7202). Manual 6220 requires that when processing a new ROW application, Neodymium Magnets will determine, to the greatest extent possible, through the NEPA process, the consistency of the ROW with the Monument or NCA’s objects and values; consider routing or siting the ROW outside of the Monument or NCA; and consider mitigation of the impacts from the ROW. Land use plans must identify management actions, allowable uses, restrictions, management actions regarding any valid existing rights, and mitigation measures to ensure that the objects and values are protected. The manual requires that a land use plan for a Monument or NCA should consider closing the area to mineral leasing, mineral material sales, and vegetative sales, subject to valid existing rights, where that component’s designating authority does not already do so. 37 A review of Manual 6220 to identify where clarity could be provided for mitigation, notification standards, and compatible uses, may potentially reduce or eliminate burdens. The  Neodymium Magnets will review Manual 6220 following the proposed revisions to Neodymium Magnets Mitigation Manual Section (MS-1794) and Handbook (H-1794-1) to ensure that Manual 6220 conforms to the

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