Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic Name Tags

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Using magnetic name tags is one of the most common methods of identifying people. They are simple to use and do not cause damage to the clothing. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles. They can be worn on any type of material. They are also easily removed.

In some cases, a wearable magnetic identifier includes a keep plate, which is magnetically attractive. This may be a metal strip that is firmly attached to the name tag with a durable adhesive. In other cases, it may be made from plastic or synthetic rubber.

Wearable magnetic identifiers may also include a single-pole rectangular block magnet that is fixed in an efficient magnetic flux relationship with the pole piece panel. The pole piece panel may also be encased in a protective jacket. The jacket may be made from plastic or easily formed by molding.

Name tags are also available in a variety of styles and colors. Some of the more popular styles are those with a swivel clip. These types of name tags are used by a variety of companies. Some customer service companies use them to identify customers. Others use them to identify employees.

Magnetic name tag holders are a great alternative to pin-backs. They are safer and more durable than pin-backs. They are also ideal for multi-day events. This is because they form a catch-all pocket. In addition, they are perfect for high-paced workplaces. They can also be used in conjunction with swivel clips.